Customer Testimonials

I have a wonderful painting done by Lois Eisen that is now hanging in our front hall. It’s bright, expressive, and just the thing to look at in the middle of our long COVID winter.
Naomi Faulkner
Lois Eisen is a brilliant and sensitive colourist using diverse materials to achieve emotional response to every work of art she creates. In the past few years I have been blessed to own one of Lois’s multi-media abstracts in blue and white. It’s so full of motion and colour that I’m reminded of being inside a waterfall looking out through its cascade. Just seeing it everyday, lifts my heart and takes me on a journey. I’m refreshed no matter the days challenges. Thank you, Lois, for your creativity, the world would be a lesser place without it.
Sue Rumack
Having Lois’s art in my home has made such a difference for me! Every time I look at one of the pieces it brings me into a more creative and uplifted mindset. Some of her pieces are so colourful that they really brighten my day and remind me to smile! Some other pieces I have are so visually striking and creative that every time I look at them I feel like my heart opens to possibilities and wonder. Lois is such a kind nurturing and loving woman and her energy really comes across in her art. I highly recommend anybody to bring one or more of these one-of-a-kind pieces made with so much love into their home!
Hillary Faye
I met Lois at a concert and was immediately stricken by her energy and charismatic smile. She invited me to her home for tea, and as I wandered around staring at her vibrant paintings, I asked her if any were for sale. Red poppies on an orange background were calling to me, to fill a perfect spot in my living room. This painting still gives me joy. A year later as Lois began posting her works on Facebook a second painting spoke to me..a scene from Georgian Bay, and I became the proud owner of my second Lois Eisen piece. She offers so many different techniques, styles, colour schemes and at a price point that makes it affordable to own a piece! Keep painting Lois!
Paula Gardner
We love our “Eisen” paintings. The two paintings that we have demonstrate Lois' whimsy and bold use of colour. Our neighbours in our condo voted to hang the floral painting in our floor elevator lobby. I really enjoy passing by it daily. Lois is very creative and her composition and mixed media canvasses are really outstanding.
Helen Zipes
I am the happy owner of two of Lois’s paintings. Lois’s art reflects who she is, joy filled, spirited, passionate , and humorous. To own one of her paintings, is to bring vibrancy and colour and dimension into your home. It will uplift your spirits, spark your curiosity, and make you smile. Lois’s work is very well priced. You should not miss the opportunity to view her work on her website.
I have one of Lois' flower paintings displayed in my dining area. I find the purple, pink and blue colour scheme cheerful and inviting. The piece has beautiful texture. The painting brightens up the room, and also brings me joy every day. Thanks, Lois, for creating this meaningful addition to my home. 
Jacqui Willinsky
I first bought two of Lois' paintings when I moved into my first home. Because it is the first place that I owned on my own, I wanted it to feel warm and special with art work of friends of mine. I immediately contacted Lois and I bought two. I am so glad I did because when the covid19 pandemic hit and the stay at home orders came into effect, I needed more than ever to live in a place of positivity and to feel vibrant and hopeful. Lois' paintings provided me with so much of this. In fact, whenever I am on a ZOOM call, my friends will comment on the beautiful painting in the background. The joy I receive each day from looking at one of Lois' paintings is worth every penny and I look forward to bringing more of her paintings into my home!
Sandra Pozzobon
I just absolutely love Lois Eisen’s art work! She was so kind to donate them to a few of the charities I work with and they have found new homes to brighten them up!! Her work is so colourful and I find it very mood lifting!! I have a piece in my living room that looks incredible. Lois has kindly donated to the Veterans auction to benefit the Robbie Dean Centre, the Pembroke Regional Hospital and to Destig for mental health initiatives. I cannot thank her enough for sharing her amazing talent with us to help raise funds with her beautiful collection of art!!
Marianne Minns
I am the lucky owner of 2 fabulous Lois Eisen paintings. The mixed media flower painting hangs in our bedroom and is perfect pop of colour to brighten the space! The 2nd piece hangs on the wall above our stairs and I get to enjoy it every day as I walk down from our room. Lois' work is joyful and fun (just what you need, especially in the winter months in Canada!)
Alison Dowler
While I miss Lois's painting that hangs on my office wall at work, I do have 2 in our home that I enjoy seeing every day. Lois's work brightens our walls and makes me smile when I look at them. The colours are so vibrant and it is very special to me because I know the artist. Every piece is cherished.
Janet McKeage
Lois’ is a talented artist and her creativity shines through in all her work. Lois’s art adds a pop of fun and colour to our home. Her work is joyful and vibrant and makes us feel happy. We always get so many compliments on our pieces that Lois has painted.
Hailey Eisen
Lois’s art brings life to the room it inhabits. The vibrant colours draw me in and bring a smile to my face each time I pass.
Michelle Moncion
My pieces of Lois's art have always been a constant source of joy. I am particularly fond of her abstract paintings. The colours, technique and esthetic mesh together perfectly and are truly one of a kind. Lois's artwork has really brightened up my condo and has been a constant source of compliments.
Lorne Kostove
I am the very proud owner of several of Lois’s paintings. I am especially drawn to her florals. The colours are so vibrant and brighten up every room and hallway they hang in! Thank you, Lois!
Lynda Moncion